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Russia and the Treaty of Versailles

Russia's Role in the Great War

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Russia joined world war I as part of the domino effect that included Germany, France, and Russia in August 1914. In which Russia’s part was that of them attacking Germany, because they had invaded Russia’s allies. This again is part of MANIA in which Russia’s reason for entering the war falls under the Allies part. Russia’s role in world war I was crucial because they helped by attacking Germany on the eastern front creating a two front war for Germany for several years in the war.

Objectives for Treaty Negotiations

The whole point of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was for Russia to get out of the Great War. As such they wished to make peace with the central powers but had no desire to give up acquired territory or money. However unfortunately they did and much of it which were of great importance to Russia such as the coal mines in several areas, or places such as the Ukraine. Therefore if Russia were to have been invited to be in the Paris Peace Conference or the Treaty of Versailles, they would have probably wanted the return of several of the lands they had to give up.

Graph of Russia's Casualties and Costs of War With other Countries
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Russia's Leader's Who Would Have Participated in Peace Talks

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Leon Trotsky:

Leon Trotsky was part of the revolutionary movement that reshaped Russia. As well he was the the commissar of Foreign affairs in the new Bolshevik government. As such in charge of negotiating during the Treaty of Brest-Litovisk without having to grant territory to the Central powers. Leon Trotsky appointed a friend Adolph Joffe to represent the Bolsheviks: a faction within of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP) lead by Vladimir Lenin. Adoloh joffe was replaced by Leon Trotsky as the head of Russia’s delegation for a second round of negotiations in the treaty. Had Russia been invited to participate in the Paris Peace Conference most likely Trotsky again would have attended as the representative for Russia.

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Vladimir Lenin:

Vladimir Lenin was a revolutionary, a visionary and was key in establishing Russia’s new Soviet Government. After overthrowing the imperial system in Russia Lenin came into power as the leader of the Bolsheviks which was in power in Russia. Although he was the leader of Russia it is hard to say whether or not he would have attended the Paris Peace Conference, because of the fact that Russia had just gone through such a significant change. However in our opinions we feel that he most likely would have gone.



Bloody Sunday: Tsar guns down workers at parade event


Rapid population growth

Fourth largest industrial power

July 28:Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia; Serbia asked Russia for support

July 29: Russia agrees to support and help mobilize troops

July 30: Germany sent ultimatum to halt mobilization. Russia refused.

August 1: Germany declares war on Russia

Battle of Tannenberg: out-manouvered by Germans; lost 2nd Russian Army; General Samsonov shot himself in shame of loss

Sept: Battle of the Masurian Lakes


War Communism begins

February Revolution

March: Citizens revolt

July: Alexander Kerensky took power in Russia

October Revolution


March: Signed Treaty of Brest-Litovsk


War Communism ends: Red Army victory

Was Russia's Goals Reached from the Treaty

Since Russia never attended the Paris Peace Conference we can already see that their goals were not met. Because of how since they made an earlier treaty then the rest of her allies they lost possession of many areas and could not reclaim them after. Although they did get out of the war as a result this just led to a later suffering with renouncing territory and financial payments. They relinquished territory claims on Finland, future Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus, and Congress Poland.

Impact of the Treaty on Russia

After the Treaty of Brest-Litvsk Russia lost a lot of territory and resources with it, such as coal mines and areas with a significant amount of the population. However it was the price they payed for them to get out of the war. However this significantly weakened the still new and growing Russia. As well with the fact that Russian empire has just been overthrown for the new Bolsheviks government lead by Vladimir Lenin.